Server Rules

These are only some of the Server's guidelines. These are what I can think of at the moment and we can add or modify this if needed.


1. It is your OWN responsibility to take care of your OWN ACCOUNT and no one else, not even the GM Team. Try not to be scammed or hacked.

2. Take good care of your email account used for MyRO. Never share email addresses or passwords. Hackers can easily get your game account information once they get access to this email account of yours through password recovery via email.

3. Real GM's will NOT ask for your account information. DO NOT give your game account password to anyone, player, friend or GM. Be careful on password requests in game, email, messengers and facebook. ALL GM'S HAVE ASTERISKS * * IN THEIR NAMES. IF THEY DO NOT HAVE * *'S THEN THEY ARE JUST POSERS TRYING TO HACK/SCAM YOU.

4. It is prohibited to lend items or zeny to fellow players, even to friends because he might just be a poser trying to imitate someone you know. Remember that scammers will try to gain your trust then scam you. If you lend your item or zeny then expect that it's already gone!

5. Do not scam or hack fellow players. We PUNISH scammers and hackers' main account to the fullest. We can easily track everything though drop, pick, vend, deal and chat logs.

6. Disrespecting a GM in game, email, messenger or Facebook will get you banned. We can easily hunt your main account through IP and trade logs and ban it as well.

7. No BOT Program can connect to the server. We have an Anti-BOT and Anti-WPE script in our server. Do not be victims by hackers claiming they have BOTs for sale because what they are urging you to download are only just KEYLOGGERS to hack you.

8. There are NO duplicating or server-hacking programs known to mankind. If ever there are, it/they wont be working with MyRO. We are a very stable and secured server. Do not be victims by hackers claiming they have these kinds of programs for sale because what they are urging you to download are only just KEYLOGGERS to hack you.

9. Load trading (buying or selling) is prohibited in the server and will get you banned. This is to avoid frequent load scam cases. Load sellers are often 99% scammers.

10. Game Account selling is prohibited in the server to minimize scam and hack cases. Sellers can easily retrieve the account back and hack you even if you have its email. We do not offer change email address services.

11. Report illegal activities to email : myroserver@hotmail.com

12. The GM Team has the right to confiscate any item or ban an account if we see there is an anomaly after proper investigation.

We expect everyone to abide by these rules for your own security and protection. Unawareness of these rules shall excuse no one.

Mabuhay MyRO!!!

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