Paypal Donation Guide




  • Donating via Paypal is a very easy secure online transaction.

  • All you need is a credit card, debit card or a bank account to fund your Paypal Account. Refer to their site www.paypal.com to know how.

  • Local and International players may use this.

  • We accept both Philippine Peso and US Dollar donations via Paypal even if the funding source is of a different currency.


  1. Register or Log in to www.paypal.com then click the "SEND PAYMENT" button in their site and follow on-screen instructions.  Send money to this paypal account:

    Paypal Accound ID (email):


  2. After clicking (1)"SEND PAYMENT", (2) insert the paypal account email (myragnarokonlineph2008@gmail.com) and put the (3) amount to send. Click the (4)"I'm making personal payments" or the "Send to Friends and Relatives" button for a cheaper Paypal charge.

    * Remember to send in US Dollars or Philippine Pesos. This is possible even if your funding source is of a different currency. Paypal will handle conversion.

    ** Don't forget to also put your MAIN CHARACTER NAME in the "MESSAGE BOX" (only if available) found after clicking (5) "Continue".


  3. Finalize the transaction. You will then be given by Paypal an online receipt as well as an email receipt of the transaction you just made.

  4. Your online receipt is your proof that you have sent money. Be sure to save it (Print screen or Save as). Send me a copy of it through EMAIL at  myragnarokonlineph2008@gmail.com .  This is for me to be notified of the donation you just made and  verify your Paypal Donation. Also please include the following info with your EMAIL:

    Email Subject:

    Paypal Donation

    Real Full Name of Sender:

    Name in Paypal Account:


    Your MAIN Character Name :

    careful of the "L" and "i" also case sensitive

    Location on where you have made the Transfer :


    Amount sent


    Date sent


    Sender's complete address:

    for paypal and credit card verification

    Sender's contact number:

    I will call you for verification even abroad

  5. The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received and checked. Our Paypal verification is done online which will normally take just a few minutes. Kindly give us time for quick verification and processing.  WE PROCESS DONATIONS EVERYDAY AT 4PM ONWARDS.

  6. Once your Paypal Donation is already verified and processed, just click the 'Get POD Tickets Here' NPC in game found at every main town and it will give out your free POD Tickets as promised. If you are expecting several PODs/Item Freebies then please click multiple times.



We give Special Promo Freebies on P5,000 ($125) and up single transaction donations. To know more about our current Promos please read our MyRO Patcher Donation Promo Window or visit:










Visit the Donation Items NPC in game on every Main Savepoint to browse through cool items up for grabs!




WARNING: Credit Card Fraud is a felony and is punishable by law which will then be notified to the proper authorities. This will not be tolerated and is punishable by a TOTAL BAN of all your accounts, shopmates and IP.




For more inquiries please send email to  myragnarokonlineph2008@gmail.com.



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