Welcome to MyRO!!! We aim provide every gamer with a balanced, reliable, stable, secured and uncorrupt free-to-play Ragnarok Online Gaming Server!


MyRO! - My Ragnarok Online!
The Philippines' Best Ragnarok Online Private Server!!!
Free to play!
Lag-Free, Stable, Secured!


MAIN WEBSITE: www.myro.tk
Facebook PAGE: https://www.Facebook.com/myro.tk
FB GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/myromarket/
DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://www.downloads.myroserver.com


- No Autopots, No Autoclicker, No no-delays, No Tools, No Cheats, No Macro, No Bots, No WPE!
- We are proud to say that we are one of the first to have this kind of anti-cheat innovation. San ka pa!
- Be assured of a balanced, fair, secured and reliable Server only at MyRO!




Valkyrie Armor[1]
● Valkyrie Shoes[1]
● Valkyrie Manteau[1]
● 5 Boss Cards (Ghostring Card, Tao Gunka Card, Phreeoni Card, Deviling Card, Maya Purple Card) to help counter the more powerful 1-hitter jobs for more balance in every job.
● 1 Special Rental Shield
● 2 Rental Brisingamen
● 500k Zeny
● Just talk to the first NPC "Sprakki" and she will give you these exciting FREEBIES only at MyRO!



● "Re-Balanced" Renewal 3rd Jobs. Very balanced so every Job is balanced towards the other.
● 175/60 3rd Jobs, 99/70 Trans jobs (Official Levels on Official Servers)
● HIGH RATE, 5000x Base / 5000x Job / Modified Drop Rates
● Freebie Items on first time logins of new accounts (see above)
● Guild Pack (www.gpack.myroserver.com)
● Very Affordable Half God Items! Only 1 POD each!
● Items Mall NPCs (Mall of Asia) so newbies can already start enjoying asap!
● Costume System for added enjoyment.
● Job Changer NPCs to avoid the hassle of doing Job Quests.
● Warper NPCs for easier gaming
● Official Ragnarok Quests as well as Special Quest NPCs for added excitement!
● Card Remover to avoid wasting items
● Reset NPC to get that perfect build and avoid re-doing your character all over again.
● "GUIDE" NPC for new players to know where NPCs are located in Main Town.
● No Over-Customed Items
● Auto Trade/Sell System : Vending or Buying while offline for less time vending and more time playing!
● Duel Commands (Duel out of PvP) for easier Bet Matches!

● New NPC-ITEMS-ONLY PVP ROOM! (NPC Items only, Donation Items restricted) so new players can enjoy in neutral PvP grounds!
● No Limit PvP Rooms for everyone's enjoyment. (Experienced Players)
● Daily WOE SE II 7:00pm-8:00pm GMT+8
● Weekend Old School Transcendent (99/70) WOE 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT+8
● Scheduled Old School Transcendent (99/70) War Events (8v8)
● PvP Maps dedicated for Transcendent Jobs (Back to Old School)
● Several Daily GM Held Events with Uber Cool Prizes
● Daily War Events 7v7!
● Guild of the Month 76vs76 Major Event (GOM)
● Monthly Championships for MyRO Fight Club PVP Masters 1on1 (No1PK)
● Monthly Championships for 7v7 MyRO War Masters (MWM)
● Weekly Job Showdowns!
● Plenty of Automated NPC Events all day with Generous Prizes
● Seasonal MyRO Player on Focus (MyRO Big Brother) in-real quests

● MyRO World Championships 2016! P35,000 cash prizes with Trophy and Medals! (soon)

● With lively and stable Economy means more fun!
● Active, Friendly and Professional GM Team
● Active Forum Discussions and in-real Events!
● Active Facebook Network Group with Facebook Events!
● Ever Growing Community
● Closest to Official and Balanced Gameplay with Re-Balanced Renewal 3rd Jobs so every Job is balanced towards the other.

● No Autopots, No Autoclickers, No no-delays, No Tools, No Cheats, No Macro, No Bots, No WPE!
We are proud to say that we are one of the first to have this kind of anti-cheat protection.
Be assured of a balanced, fair, secured and reliable Server only at MyRO! San ka pa!
● Expensive DDoS Protections!
● Fast Action on Hack and Scam cases
● Regular Weekly Maintenance and Backups only for 5 mins!

● No Rollback
● No Wipe
● Solid and Secured Server with already over 8 Years online!
● As Close to the Official Servers as Possible (iRO/kRO)

Gravity spent millions of dollars developing The Ragnarok Online MMORPG on designing characters, setting levels, deciding items & skills, balancing gameplay with complete storylines etc. Why play with custom levels and skills/jobs? Why play with old school mechanics that doesn't grow nor evolve and is stuck in the past? If you want to experience the gameplay of how the multi-million dollar Ragnarok was carefully designed and meant to be played, then MyRO is the place to be!

Come Join the Fun at MyRO! San ka pa!

Mabuhay MyRO!!!




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