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  1. Register a MyRO Account. click here

  2. Download the MyRO Renewal Full Installer (kRO) below and install.

  3. Do instructions for Win 7/8 and Anti-Virus users below.


This is ONLY for people who does NOT have a kRO Ragnarok Game Client. It's a full kRO Ragnarok Game Client with the latest MyRO Installer built in, no need for other files. Just download and install! Simple! (Be sure to do the "INSTRUCTIONS FOR VISTA / WIN7/8/10 USERS" )




MyRO Full Installer Renewal v1.rar


2.45GB file size, approx. 5 Hours. on a DSL connection.

This opens to a new page. Please 'allow'.


[ Updated Dec 2017 ]

NOTES: Be sure download is complete at 2.45GB file size to avoid errors during extraction.

Getting errors?  Please read





1. This MyRO_Full_Installer.rar (2.4GB) is a fully patched Ragnarok Game Client based from kRO with MyRO already built in. This is already complete.
2. Just extract the ".rar" file to anywhere in your PC. Best is in C:\   (You need WinRAR to extract .rar files get it here.)
3. Go inside the extracted folder and search for the file "Play MyRO" and right click > Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) so you will have a shortcut at your Desktop for easier future use.

4. IMPORTANT FOR VISTA/WIN7 OS USERS: Find the file "16888.exe" inside your Ragnarok Folder on where you have installed MyRO  to. Right click > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Check "Run As Administrator" and "Run this program in compatibility mode for (Windows XP SP3). You must be using the "Administrator" account of your PC to do this.

5. Repeat #4 on "Play MyRO.exe" and "Setup.exe" files inside folder.

6. For Windows 8/10 users click here for the guide on how to do the compatibility settings like above.

7. If you don't have sound in your PC you will error so turn off sound from the file Setup.exe inside folder.

8. Launch the game by clicking "Play MyRO" which who have made a shortcut to in your desktop at #4. It may patch if patches are available. Then click "START" to launch MyRO. (Always use this patcher when playing)
9. You will need to register for a MyRO Game Account here: Main Website ( or









If you crash after 'Start' and your PC does not have sound...

Ragnarok needs sound by default. If your PC does not have sound, turn off sound at "setup.exe" to avoid having errors.




If using Windows 7/8/10...


Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 has a new feature called User Account Control which makes launching programs or games somewhat different than before.

  1. You must be using the "Administrator" account of your PC to do this. Find the file "16888.exe" inside your Ragnarok Folder on where you have installed MyRO to. Right click and choose "Properties" then click the "Compatibility" tab.

  2. Check the "Run this program as Administrator" checkbox as well as the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"  then choose  "Windows XP SP3" in the drop-down box.

  3. Repeat the same with the files "MyRO Patcher" and "Setup". For Windows 8/10 users click here for the guide on how to do the compatibility settings.

  4. Or you can disable UAC entirely. Read the guide on how to access and disable UAC:



If you still crash, you might have no DRIVER for your Video Card.

Run Setup.exe from within your MyRO files, if the "Resolution" box is blank then it means your Video Card does not have the correct driver software for it.  Install a driver by searching for your correct Video Card Driver from the internet. Just google your video card brand/version. Ex: Videocardx123 Driver Download.

Or you can us the CD that came with your Video Card or Laptop. PM us at Facebook GM MyRO if you need more help.




EXE File Corrupted Error ...


It means that your EXE was corrupted because your PC has a virus thus also infected our game EXE and perhaps also other EXE's in your PC were infected as well.

You can check your EXE if it was infected by a virus, just send the file 16888.exe here:

If the file was really corrupted by a virus, this means that your PC indeed has a virus and also infected our EXE and perhaps most of the EXE you have in your PC was infected as well. You need to start scanning your PC for virus by installing an "anti-virus" and clean it. If virus infection is already worse, then a reformat is necessary.

Reinstall your MyRO Installer. Just overwrite. Since this is a fresh installation then it should be virus-free. Be sure you had first scanned your PC and cleaned it from any virus otherwise our EXE will be infected again and the error will keep coming back until you clean your PC of any virus.






If getting ERRORS: 

Please read






* If still experiencing errors you may ask for support at the MyRO Forums or send an email to

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