Greetings MyROnian, 

As we all know, running a server requires expensive payables to maintain. If you are having fun with the server and want to extend your help, we are welcoming donations* from players and supporters. 

These donations* will really help us support the expenses in maintaining our beloved Server running for as long as we can. 

For every corresponding donation that we get, We, The MyRO Dev Team, is giving out 'Proof of Donation' (POD) Tickets for free to players & supporters who donate. These PODs can be exchanged for cool stuff at our Donation Items NPC in game located at every main Savepoint.

It's our simple way of saying 'THANK YOU!' to you for helping us run the MyRO Server that we all love. 


Mabuhay MyRO!



- MyRO Dev Team


















We give Special Promo Freebies on P5,000 ($125) and up single transaction donations. To know more about our current Promos please read our MyRO Patcher Donation Promo Window or visit:



NOTE:  Donations can be in PHP (Philippine Peso) or in USD (US Dollars) if donating internationally.





Visit the Donation Items NPC in game on every Main Savepoint to browse through cool items up for grabs!





NOTE:  Donating is NOT mandatory and is just optional. Meaning we are NOT demanding players to donate and we only accept donations when giving from your own free will.


WARNING: Donation Scamming and/or Fraud will not be tolerated and is punishable by a TOTAL BAN of all your accounts, shopmates and IP. The incident will be notified to the proper authorities.




For more inquiries please send email to myragnarokonlineph2008@gmail.com.





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