5. [color=Red] IMPORTANT FOR VISTA/WIN7 OS ONLY:[/color] Find the Icons Setup.exe, 16888.exe and MyRO.exe inside your installation. Right click each and every one of them and choose "Run As Administrator". You must be using the Administrator account of your computer to do this. If you are just using a Non-Administrator account of your PC then the process might ask for the Admin Pass from you.
6. [color=Red] IMPORTANT FOR VISTA/WIN7 OS ONLY:[/color] Right click each and every one of them again then choose "Properties" > Compatibility > Run Program Compatibility to.. > Windows XP SP3.


(Choose Download Options)




If you already have an updated kRO version Ragnarok.

If you already have our kRO Full Installer before.


(Windows PC)

(101 MB .Exe File)



If you don't have Ragnarok.

If your Ragnarok is pRO version.

If your Ragnarok is an old version.


(Windows PC)

(2.31 GB .RAR File)




MyRO for Android Devices

(Not for PC)

(3.7 MB size .APK compressed)

(plus OPTIONAL full version 2GB .rar file compressed)





If getting ERRORS: 

Please read




* If still experiencing errors you may ask for support at the MyRO Forums or send an email to myroserver@hotmail.com.

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