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To Register a New MyRO Account:

1. Click "Register" at the upper right column.
2. Input desired Account Details.
3. Be sure to use a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. The Site will send a Validation Email to the email you have given upon sign up. (also check bulk/spam folder)
4. Click the link in the Validation Email sent to validate your MyRO Account, or copy/paste to your browser url.

To Recover Your Lost Password :

1. Click "Reset Password" at the upper bar.
2. A confirmation email for Reset Password will be sent to your registered email. Check your email account also the Spam folder. Click the link provided in the email to authorize the Reset Password request.
3. A new Password will then be generated and sent to your email associated with your MyRO Account. (also check your Spam folder)
4. Use this new generated password for your account and/or to change the password to something you can remember.


To Change Your Password :

1. Login at this Site by clicking "Login" at the upper right column. Input login details.
2. Click your "Account Name" at the right column.
3. Click "Change Password" at the top bar.

To Change Slot, Reset Look and Reset Position :

1. Login at this Site at the right column. Input login details.
2. Click your "Account Name" at the right column.
3. Click the character name you want to modify.
4. Click the appropriate action at the top links.

Email myroserver@hotmail.com if having problems.


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